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“The Joker and The Queen” is the sixth track from Ed Sheeran’s 2021 album ‘=’ or ‘Equals’. In the song, Ed Sheeran puts himself in the position of court jester and wonders why the princess fell in love with him instead of all the princes in the kingdom.

Ed Sheeran has announced the release of his fourth studio album ‘=’ also known as ‘Equals’ on October 29, 2021. In announcing the album, Ed Sheeran commented on his experiences which inspired this brand new album; “I’ve been through love, loss, new life, heartache and everything in the entire writing period, and I feel like this really is a maturity record.” This is Ed Sheeran’s first major project since his collaborative album ‘No. 6 ‘in 2019 and following his series of albums inspired by mathematics.

By the time we saw the tracklist for the “Equals” album, we were expecting a collaboration with Taylor Swift for “The Joker and The Queen”. We were disappointed on the way out. But there are rumors in the vineyard of a remix for the track and it will include Ed’s best friend, Taylor Swift.

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Ed Sheeran “The Joker and the Queen” Lyrics Song Meaning and Review

In this song, Ed Sheeran talks about a relationship that blossomed against all odds. He compares it to the classic tales of the court jester falling in love with the princess and vice versa. Ed Sheeran had nothing to hide from him – he admits he had nothing to offer him. But she still accepted him as he is.

I showed you my hand and you still let me win

The Joker and the Queen are also part of the playing cards. The Joker card has no value and is omitted from the normal names. The Queen card, on the other hand, is the second most powerful card in the deck.

Ed Sheeran knows that a rutted road brought them together, hinting they weren’t meant to happen. But some of the best stories come from relationships that weren’t meant to be. Some of the strongest connections are made as they travel down a rough road.

Ed Sheeran sings that she could have done so much better. She could have had any prince in the kingdom to bathe her in all the riches in the world. But she wasn’t in all of this. She wanted something real, and behind the Joker’s makeup was what she was looking for.

I was upside down from the outside in

It takes someone special to see the joker through all of his makeup, dress, and jester number. And if anyone does, it’s pretty special.

The song is filled with references to card games and card games. Ed Sheeran mentions “Hearts” and “Diamonds,” which are two of the four types of cards in the game. King, Queen and Joker are three types of cards in a deck. “Folding” is when a player gives up his cards, usually in poker.

Anyone else excited about the possible remix with Taylor Swift? Let us know what you think of the song in the comments below.

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