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“Shivers” is the third single from Ed Sheeran’s 2021 album ‘= (Equals).’ He teased the song on TikTok ahead of its scheduled release on September 10, 2021.

“Shivers” is the second track from Ed Sheeran’s fourth studio album ‘= (Equals).’ This is Ed Sheeran’s first major project since his collaborative album ‘No. 6 ‘in 2019 and following his series of albums inspired by mathematics. In announcing the album, Ed Sheeran commented on his experiences that inspired this brand new album; “I’ve been through love, loss, new life, heartache and everything in the entire writing period, and I feel like this really is a maturity record.”

“Shivers” seems to talk about that butterfly feeling in your stomach when you do things that matter most to them. In the video clip released with the song sample, Ed Sheeran shows off some of the things / people that give him chills. Scenes include performances in front of a massive audience, snuggling up their cat, girlfriend and family.

Teasing the song and the music video, Ed Sheeran commented “I hired a parrot for the video, don’t let it be a mess.”

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Ed Sheeran “Shivers” Lyrics Meaning And Song Review

The entire song is a dedication to the electric feeling of being with the right person. Throughout the song, Ed Sheeran begs his partner to do the things he loves most so he can relive the chills.

Ooh, I love it when you do it like that
And when you’re near give me chills

This sweet love song is a dedication to the singer’s partner. According to the clip, he accidentally meets it in a cafe and it’s instant sparks. Ed compares it to being hit by a moving train.

The couple go through the initial stages of each relationship and eventually get along quite well. The parrots really add to the vibrant and cheerful atmosphere of the two mindless dancers in their bedroom.

In the song, Ed Sheeran confesses that he wants to be “that guy” for her for the rest of his life. Kissing her, hugging her and drowning in her eyes are her favorite activities for the rest of her life.

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