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“Overpass Graffiti” is the fifth track from Ed Sheeran’s 2021 album “=” also known as “Equals”. This song is about a break with Ed’s past that he thought was the right one. At the time, he imagined that this love wouldn’t fade away like graffiti on a random overpass wall.

Ed Sheeran has announced the release of his fourth studio album ‘=’ also known as ‘Equals’ on October 29, 2021. In announcing the album, Ed Sheeran commented on his experiences which inspired this brand new album; “I’ve been through love, loss, new life, heartache and everything in the entire writing period, and I feel like this really is a maturity record.” This is Ed Sheeran’s first major project since his collaborative album ‘No. 6 ‘in 2019 and following his series of albums inspired by mathematics.

Ed Sheeran spoke about the meaning of “Overpass Graffiti” on Apple Music; “The song is about a breakup that happened years ago. You always keep the memory of it and it will never fade, like graffiti on the overpass. Originally, this song was a power ballad, it was very slow. Then Fred said, “Have you ever thought about doubling the time?” It gave him new life.

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Ed Sheeran “Overpass Graffiti” Lyrics Song Meaning And Review

Verse 1

The wounds from Ed’s breakup are still fresh. He still suffers from the memory of her. The world seems a little darker than usual and the sunlight seems weaker. The rain seems to have taken over. Ed Sheeran knows what his friends will say about the breakup – “A reason for celebration” because he was never right in their eyes.

Ed Sheeran says their relationship was doomed despite their best efforts. Trying doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not right for each other. Sometimes the right people walk into each other’s lives at the wrong time.


Despite losing this battle, Ed Sheeran says he will always love her. He knows she is returning the favor to him. Something just didn’t click with them this time around. But everything they had for as long as they had had it was precious. Ed Sheeran says it was the first relationship that made him stop his love race for a moment.

But I’ll remember the way we were, you were the first full stop
Love that will never go away

Graffiti are random drawings on the walls. Often these designs will be forgotten after some time and will disappear into non-existence. Graffiti under an overpass will have a worse fate. It will pick up moss and dirt and wither to nothing. The relationship they had had nothing to do with graffiti under an overpass.

Verse 2

Ed Sheeran almost seems angry that there is nothing he can do to make this work with her. The kind of love they had couldn’t be replaced. He knew it was one of those “once in a lifetime” agreements.

Ed Sheeran brings a metaphor of a car stuck in a snowstorm to paint a picture of the end of their relationship. They were stuck. And there was no one to help push the car out of the snow. They had friends, but we already know what his friends thought of them. They were slowly suffocated until they escaped the car for fear of their lives. A tragic end, indeed.

Looking back, the singer can’t even remember the bad times they had, which they obviously had. It just means that the good times they had were so powerful and strong that they overshadowed the bad times they had.

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