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“TSU” is the eighth track on Drake’s 2021 album “Certified Lover Boy”. The song is about a stripper, specifically from Texas Southers University (TSU). Drake goes into the details of her broken house, her history, and how her past haunts her.

“Certified Lover Boy” is Drake’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, released September 3, 2021. Drake discussed the album in July; “We’re aiming for that head. We are not trying to please. Lover Boy certified en route. And it’s for anyone on the way. This is his follow-up project to his 2018 album “Scorpion”.

University of South Texas recognized Drake’s cry on that track. On the song, there was no explanation of what TSU means, what the university allowed with this Tweeter; “Do you all see how confused Twitter is today as to what TSU means? “

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Drake “TSU” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


In the intro of the song, OG RON C shouts at various towns in the state of Texas. Specifically, he cries out to women in cities such as Bay City, Louisiana, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Marshall, Prairie View, Wharton County, Texas City, and Houston.

Last but not least, he shouts TSU ladies.


In the song hook, Drake gives some basic details about a particular woman who is stuck in his mind. She’s a girl who left Texas to succeed in the city. Sadly, her big plans didn’t go well and she became desperate. She was supposed to earn money and she turned to striptease. This girl had already challenged her family when she left Texas. Now, being a stripper, she’s almost like being disowned by her family.

This stripper is trying to get a loan to start her own business. Presumably, she does not have a credit history or source of income to support her loan repayment. She is even more powerless. Drake says he took it upon himself to help this girl. She gets the capital she wants from Drake and quits the life of a stripper and turns a new leaf in her life.

It’s a story, she comes from my life and I’m just recording this shit

It appears to be a true story from Drake’s life.

Verse 1

In the first verse, Drake remembers how he met this girl at the strip club and probably started talking to her after his pole hours. His story moved Drake and he wanted to help him outside of the club. Instead of throwing her money in the club, Drake lends her the money she needed to start her business. Drake advises him to make the most of this opportunity.

‘Giving bread’ is slang for giving money (earning bread) and before this girl used to perform oral sex in return. But now she’s in a better place. Now she can hold her head up.

Verse 2

In the second verse, Drake reveals that this girl’s father is not there and that her mother is definitely not there. Maybe his mother is dead. Maybe she left them when she was young. She has a sister. She also has a guy who is not in her life for the most part. All of these traits paint a picture of a broken house. His hometown had nothing to offer him except bad memories. That’s why she left Texas.

Drake says he could easily have tricked her into being a stripper. He could have just thrown in enough money for her to survive on a daily basis. But Drake says there are certain things you need to do in your life right so that at the end of your journey you can look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with the things you have done;

Look in the mirror if you wanna see some things on the bright side

Verse 3

In the third and final verse of “TSU”, Drake tries to relate his story to that of this girl. He says they both come from broken homes, so he knows the feeling she felt in the state. He understands the thirst to grow up and make a name for himself.

Drake says none of their pasts are going to go away just so they did now. The past is still set in stone. But that doesn’t mean that the past should be allowed to determine your future. Change is always possible.

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