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“Champagne Poetry” is the opening track from Drake’s 2021 album “Certified Lover Boy”. This track plays on one of Drake-Champagne Papi’s many nicknames. In essence, this is a rare “I am the GOAT” chant from Drake, affirming his dominance in the industry and what he had to sacrifice to get here.

“Certified Lover Boy” is Drake’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, released September 3, 2021. Drake discussed the album in July; “We’re aiming for that head. We are not trying to please. Lover Boy certified en route. And it’s for anyone on the way. This is his follow-up project to his 2018 album “Scorpion”.

In “Champagne Poetry”, Drake seems to talk about all the accomplishments he has had during his career. He saw the highest of the peaks and saw snakes come out of every corner. It’s also interesting that the songwriting credits go to Lennon-McCartney, Paul McCartney, and Drake.

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Drake “Champagne Poetry” Lyrics Song Meaning and Review

Drake starts the HOT album!

Drizzy says he’s tried even harder since the birth of his son Adonis Graham. But the more he goes, the more everyone wants to see him fail. Eminem predicted it in his last album “MTBMB”.

It’s the pretty boys versus the little boys

Drake apparently shoots some little boys in the industry. He had a subtle feud with Kanye West over possible conflicting album release dates with Ye’s “DONDA”. Drake took pictures of Ye on his feature film with Trippie Redd titled “Betrayal”. Kanye seemed to approach this song with a threat, and Drake posted an Instagram reel of him laughing maniacally. We can clearly see the “little” quarrels going on here.

Next, Drake shouts his own label OVO Sounds and compliments the talent that has been signed to the label.

I’ve lived so much for others, I can’t remember how I feel

Drake then gets quite emotional. He says he’s given so much of his time and effort his entire career that he doesn’t even know what it’s like to take care of himself.

However, this work ethic made it easy for him to navigate the minefield of a global music industry. He lost friends in the process. He made false friends through the process. But these are all necessary evils.

Under me I see all the people who claim to be me
And above me I don’t see anyone

Casually, Drake lets it go that he’s on top of the musical game. Below him, he sees a lot of people who want to be like him and dethrone him. But above him, he sees no one. Drake doesn’t intend to just drop his throne. He says he will have to be dead and buried for them to take his No.1 spot.

Drake also seems to scream Future like someone he could blindly trust; “I don’t have to guess anything with anyone I love.”

Drake talks about following his family amid the demands of musical play;

I haven’t been able to see my family for a while
This shit is wearing me out

The dividing line between managing work-life balance is thin when one climbs as high as Drake.

On a more emotional note, Drake seems to blame himself for his parents’ divorce. Did the demands of his career also weigh on his parents ?!

The pressure weighs me down
Career going alright, but now the rest of me is slowly fading away

Being on top of the game has its own advantages and pitfalls. The pressure is immense to hold on to the throne. And he can’t take an L now. He must do everything to keep his job. Above all, he has to sacrifice his personal time and that is starting to weigh on him. Drizzy is hungry, but he’s not so hungry to give up his family for the W.

Saw too many brothers get twenty-five boys
I’d rather see them all get twenty-five from the Lord

Getting “twenty-five to life” is a jail sentence where 25 years are mandatory, but can be kept in jail up to a life sentence depending on parole. Drake says he sees so many blacks ending up in jail for petty crimes that refer to the injustice of the justice system. He would much prefer to see them receive a sentence from the Lord above.

Towards the last part of the verse, Drake talks about all the hits he’s put out, but he doesn’t get any recognition at the awards ceremonies. He also says that it might be time to look for a way other than roses.

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