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“Ain’t Sh*t” is the eleventh track from Doja Cat’s 2021 album “Planet Her.” The song was previously teased during the pandemic lockdown in 2020 and was a highly anticipated track. The song is about broke and weak and practically useless men.

Doja Cat is releasing her third studio album ‘Planet Her’ on June 25, 2021. Ahead of the album’s release, she has released two huge singles so far; “Kiss Me More” featuring SZA and “Need to Know”. The third and final single, titled “You Right” featuring The Weeknd, was released with the album.

Doja Cat performed “Ain’t Sh*t” during the pandemic shutdowns in 2020 live on her Instagram. The song has been a highly requested song ever since due to its catchy lyrics and beat.

Listen to “Ain’t Sh*t” by Doja Cat

“Ain’t Sh*t” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The song is about useless men. Doja Cat is about men who don’t have jobs so they crash into your house. They don’t have any money, so they can’t split the rent. Worse still, they are so broke they can’t even afford to buy their food. So they snoop around Doja’s fridge diving into her food.

… climb into your crib
Everything in your fridge, I can’t pay the rent

Doja Cat realizes that being in love doesn’t have to compensate for having to take care of a broke man who knows nothing about responsibilities. In the past, she may have chosen to put up with these guys’ BS to crash into her bed because she thought something was up. But all these stories have almost the same ending: guys use it and leave it.

So no more.

In both verses of the song, Doja Cat affirms that she will not recover from these desperate men who cling to her like leeches and live off her. She will make better choices and above all, listen to her friends. Because friends can see through these guys while she’s blindsided by romance.

The cat Doja is furious that these guys have the audacity to trick her into eating from her plate. She tells them she won’t be their mom and definitely won’t be their hobby.

It’s a very catchy Doja Cat song and probably very relevant to some women. Let us know what you think of this song in the comments below. Check out the full lyrics on Genius.

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