Dizraeli Releases New Single “Madness”


Poet, emcee and multi-instrumentalist Dizraeli recently released a brand new single, “Madness”.

Anticipating his upcoming new album ‘The Unmaster’, the new cut sees the musician dealing with his mental collapse, as well as the chaos of the current political and cultural situation around the world, with the news of Trump and Brexit. The single, reminiscent of Bristol’s other trip-hop pioneers, Massive Attack and Tricky, is a powerful tale of angst and pain.

Dizraeli has spent nearly three years working on his next album, “The Unmaster,” and “Madness” is a first glimpse into the album’s world. In his own words; “This is the first song I left off the recording and I was like ‘that’s it’.” The track includes additional vocals from Leonie Evans on the choir and clarinet solo from jazz musician Ewan Bleach, which closes the piece.

The 36-year-old musician from Bristol, UK has had great success with songs such as “Never Mind” and “Sailor”. He has also performed at the Glastonbury Festival and the Latitude Festival. Dizraeli is also seen playing with his rag band “Dizraeli & The Small Gods”.

Watch the new “Madness” video below.

Dizraeli has also been busy recording a special Mongolian hip hop documentary for BBC Worldwide, the talented artist has been hosting his own radio show on Soho Radio for quite some time now and he is a skilled presenter and interviewer, his experience in Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar interviewing hip hop artists who have made an impact on their country’s scene was in his own words a “Intense time of discoveries and contradictions”.

He also talked about learning new instruments and how he produced the next album himself. Dizraeli is the epitome of the DIY artist, no label, no big fundraising but a loyal fan base who helped him reach his goal through a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. It’s powerful work, a strong and powerful statement written in response to the cascade of upheavals of 2016 – the election of Trump, the vote for Brexit, the many terrorist attacks, the escalation and entanglement of war in Syria as well as its own growing struggles to sleep, find calm, remain steady, have come together to forge this coin. This world is madness!

Check out the song on Spotify and Apple Music.

In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on this new track “Madness” by Dizraeli. Your cup of tea?

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