Delvin Hindle Unmasks Himself to Get the Girl in “Ride It” Single (Review)


Delvin Hindle is an up-and-coming young artist from Sri Lanka who is set to make waves on the international music scene. He became a viral hit with his previous work “Wish You Were Here” as he topped the local “Yes FM Home Grown” chart in 2014. His new single, “Ride It” has the potential to hit a crowd bigger that his house.

“Ride It” was written by Azi Sheriff and Delvin himself and the song was released on their own independent label.

Delvin Hindle tries to send a positive message in the track “Ride It”, because it shows that you don’t have to pretend to be someone else to get the girl.

At the beginning of the video, we see the artist contemplating his different characters to impress the young girl. He has five Michael Jackson, millionaire, nerd, Batman and rapper. Throughout the music video, we see him trying out these different selves on the girl in hopes that she will “Ride It” into the sunset with him. But, he learns that his “personas” aren’t what will attract the girl.

Watch Delvin Hindle’s “Ride It” Music Video

It’s time for me to bring you closer
It’s time to make you mine
You are the one I dream of the most
When I’m restless all night…

With an upbeat track and creative video production, this song could be Delvin’s breakthrough single.

Let us know what you think of this new single from young Delvin Hindle in the comments below.

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