Daily Duppy (feat. GRM Daily)

[Part 1]

(You are now listening to Young Chencs)
Strip it off, eh
Aight, look

My flow is unmatched
I speak to myself, I’m typed
Columbus, the way I picked up the map
The cool, the women lose it around the man
My accountant’s monthly fee is a big
They don’t want to see me and Ybeeez stretches out
I have a – I have a strategic plan
I’m a big man now, gotta feed the family
Seriously, now this is no joke
Live, you are not a gang, it is rather a sect

Big Boy Ranges, Rover, not Vogue
Ride white G-Wagon like the Pope
The girls pointed out that they couldn’t reach me anymore
GRM nominations, I had four awards
Ten points ahead, my team got the scoreboard
Cench, he’s a warchief, I just want more gore
I don’t know many who did it like a man
MDMA, same color as human
Bare blue check marks in my DM requests
I have bad B naked that I do not answer

I fucked famous stuff I jerk off to
Huh, I gave birth to that nut

If I have the impression that you are a fugazi
I trust my instincts and instincts
True colors show up when they see a man blow, they change
What the fuck was I thinking?
For the love of my siblings, man, I gotta double my income
Better yet, triple it
Move it, move it, swallow, dribblin ‘
Unemployed, IG model
I saw you comment, quarrel, I don’t do politics
I heard your tape, it doesn’t sound too promising
Need me a— Need me a cradle same road as Abramovich
Underwear right on my ass, I don’t panic
Stand up for my rights, I’m an activist
The pen set comes as a .45 caliber
Stress, I’ll handle it, strong mentality
I almost fell and I lost my mind
‘Of course I’m planning it, causing anarchy
Psycho, hang it, put it in a gallery
I got label executives tryna swing me
I try to fuck lady A&R

M is on paper, I can’t persuade myself
I have a plan similar to JAY-Z

I match the car with the Rollie
I have the same pattern as Pastor Tobi, eh
RIP Marcus Garvey, Babylon can’t control me, no
Keep calm through the madness
Flex and a man jerk off, no cactus
Mixtape abandoned, but it’s more like a chapter
My shooter in the six is ​​kinda like a Raptor
I don’t know why you thought you could hack this
Send a man north of the atlas
I manifested a kilo, I break the law with the law of attraction

[Part 2]

(And that rhythm of Cash, not YouTube)

These rappers never got paid, they get kinda famous, spend all their bands
They go all the fucking ahead
These erased stars keep fucking their fans, eh
It’s a little different for me, if I did it my way, honey wouldn’t know me
But no matter what country I am in, the women out there all know who I am
My gang ain’t a play-play ting, it’s a serious type of organization
We need the kind of wealth that will stay in the world for a few generations
They do anything to go viral, some sensational internet rappers
Big man on the net just bitch, I swear they’re back

I just got the pendant full of chopsticks, I feel like Frank when he puts on the mink
They plot I’m not surprised I was broke too I know how they think
You inherited the money, we inherited the debts, so I have to catch up, I’m behind on the rent
What do you know about taking risks?
Because I lost five bags and refused an M
Many men came and went
I could do the same, get out of here sooner
Pretend to die like 2Pac, move the family to a crib in Cuba
They wanna see a man come out like Biggie, but I’m not ready to die

They say time is money, I have money, I don’t have time
Don’t be a fucking idiot and put your family’s life in danger
They don’t bring it out of the hood, its not hard to find my enemies, uh
Got to be careful what I say these days it’s long now I’m a celebrity
I don’t wanna chat, if it’s not about the money, please don’t message me
My clear thing, uh
Look behind me, and I don’t see a single soul
Should have seen what we did with the snow, if London was like we were at the North Pole, uh
I’m done with these Insta bitches, uh, tryna expose the kid, uh
I didn’t want to bind though, and the bag wasn’t there, and the whip was old
Cench, I got a distinctive flow, uh
Turn life out of the country, truth be told, I don’t miss the house
I told the kids to stay in school, they don’t hear that, they just take the roads
Paving the way for the mandem, I’m coming down to raise my brothers
‘Before I leave my boys, I’m gonna slit my throat, no
I can’t mix pleasure with business, but the fire of this A&R lady
Gotta keep this one silent, I gotta deny it, she might get fired

As long as your pussy is tight I don’t care who you fucked before
Chasing bags, not bitches, that’s the reason my eyes look tired
Do we get paid to go to the club, what the fuck?
Do you think we’re here for fun?
You know you’re in a serious head when she puts her hair in a bun
I can’t look at them the same, I saw them lie and swear on their mothers
Go to the hood and show some love, I just spent 3k on Air Force 1
Me and Wadz were sharing clothes, the new J has just fallen, I have two pairs each
Two bed apartment, and it’s just for me, I have a room for my brother when he needs it
What do you mean, “Breathe, breathe”? Don’t tell me to breathe
Bae, be yourself with me, what do you mean, it’s just me?
Don’t sell me a dream

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