Commence Freak-Out!!! Taylor Swift ‘1989 Album’ is Finally Here

The 1989 album is now in store

Taylor Swift ‘1989’ is now in stores

Back in the days of Taylor Swift fans, this is pretty old news (the album came out 8 hours ago). The most anticipated album of the year, the 1989 album, is finally here. Through endless teasing and torture (the good ones) over the past few weeks, Taylor has been promoting her album to her fans in almost every way he can. She hosted ‘1989 Secret Sessions’, ran live shows, posted song and singles tips, posted lyric tracks, and even used song parts in her commercials… realizing that I was a part of the entire trip as well as the reporting, sharing and analysis.

A few days ago, the full 1989 album was leaked on the internet. Dying curiosity drove some fans (myself included) to go crazy for downloading the illegal copy. But don’t worry, we the fans swore to buy a new copy of the 1989 album even though they downloaded the leaked copy.

Today, 10/27/2014, the 1989 album was officially released. Even Taylor Swift was so excited about it and she posted the following along with a photo from the album cover from 1989:

# TS1989

And that’s how the craze started. I wish there was a way to see how many copies of the album have been uploaded so far. There are 16,753 reviews on iTunes as of now, so I’m guessing at least 100,000 copies must have been sold on iTunes alone. Of course, the album has 5 stars!

Taylor Swift goes full POP on her 1989 album

I don’t know how many of you have noticed this yet. The complete 1989 album is of the POP genre. I don’t remember anyone saying otherwise either. But I always assumed there would be at least two or three country songs. From ‘Welcome To New York’ to the thirteenth track ‘Clean’, it’s all POP, pop synth and electronic drums. So it’s like a sea change for Taylor and his fans. Love it or hate it. Me? I love it. I know you do too.

Now we’ll wait a week to see if Taylor can reach the world record. I believe she can.

Taylor Swift will be appearing on many different shows in the coming days. We will keep you posted as new information arrives. What to watch next? Taylor Swift Tour 1989

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