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“Coloratura” is the twelfth and final track on Coldplay’s 2021 album “Music of The Spheres”. The song was released as the album’s second single on July 23, 2021 and can be considered the icing on the colorful cake that is their album. Although this is the last song on the album, it really captures the spirit of the album and of Coldplay as a band.

‘Music of The Spheres’ is Coldplay’s ninth studio album. The concept behind the album is something divine – higher than the musical notes known to mankind. In cosmology, the music of the spheres is a concept relating to the harmony that ensues in the universe in relation to the planets which are spheres.

The word coloratura is defined as “A melody elaborated with tracks, trills, big jumps or a material similar to that of a virtuoso, or a passage of such music”. Coldplay does this definition justice by creating a boldly alive soundtrack for the song and it is 10 minutes long. Coldplay drummer Will Champion explained the challenge they faced performing this gigantic track; “It took us a while to learn how to play ‘Coloratura’ all together as one band, from start to finish. It’s a challenge and it’s nice enough to feel challenged and feel the pressure of a live performance.

In Apple Music’s footnotes, Coldplay explained the idea behind the song; “Each album can be pretty easily defined by the singles you release on the radio, and it’s always important for us when creating albums to include a lot of different moods, textures and styles. So it was important for us, as a counterbalance to some of the more pop songs, to have something that was unapologetically long and complicated. It started with a more conventional song structure, then Chris came along one day and showed us the arrangement including all of those interludes and sections between parts that we already knew; It was a big challenge to put everything back together.

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Coldplay “Coloratura” Lyrics Song Meaning and Review

In the song, Coldplay sings of a great afterlife – a place of beautiful mysticism and no logic binds your imagination. In this sphere, your mind is free, and that is exactly the kind of atmosphere that the melody of this song creates.

Right above the clouds that we see from the ground, lies a magical world beyond our comprehension. All of the space missions that we have done throughout human timeline have seen nothing. Humans are limited to experiences defined by the laws of nature. The only component in a human that does not follow the laws of nature is our mind.

Throughout the song, Coldplay pays homage to the incredible space exploration missions that deepened our knowledge and understanding of the universe and ultimately humbled us.

They pay homage to Galileo Galilei, the famous 16th century astronomer and physicist. Although Galileo was not the one who invented the telescope, he is often seen as the man who turned telescopes skyward and laid the bricks for generations of astronomers to broaden understanding of the universe.

Coldplay also mentions famous space exploration missions called “Pioneer”. Many missions later, these spacecraft have given us knowledge of a world we never knew existed. They also shout out the Voyager missions – The Voyager 1 and 2 are the only man-made objects to leave the solar system, having been launched in 1977. As of 2021, both spacecraft are still operational and have survived beyond of their main objectives which were to observe the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

Special mention in the song is the Oumuamua space object which is still considered an alien spaceship. It is the first known interstellar object detected passing through the solar system. This object was first discovered on October 19, 2017 and at the time, it was already coming out of the solar system. It had its closest encounter with the Sun and took an unconventional turn to change course and even observed acceleration. These unusual traits sparked debate that this was some form of alien spaceship.

Betelgeuse is another popular name in the scientific community that has popped up in recent years. Betelgeuse is a massive star, about 16 to 19 times the mass of the Sun in our solar system. It caught the scientist’s attention because its brightness strangely decreased from late 2019 to early 2020.

And these are just a few highlights from the last decade in the world of astronomy. The knowledge that still exists beyond our comprehension is beyond our comprehension.

“Coloratura” is a beautiful tribute to everything that goes beyond human understanding. But we can dream. And dreams come true.

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