Cold December

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[Intro: Rod Wave & Hank Williams Jr.]
Started the tour in Denver Colorado
I did the first but I didn’t do the second show

Yeah, uh

[Verse: Rod Wave]
Safe to say I’ve been like this since I was eighteen
The same night I fall in love, I feel it fading
Who can you love? Who can you trust now that you’re mainstream?
I don’t want love, I don’t trust, I feel myself changing (Yeah)
Sometimes I think of my high school sweetheart
But times change, people change and separate
I fell so hard and fast for Dee, I wanna start a family (Family)
She showed resentment, she got pregnant and she felt abandoned
That shit with what’s called was faster than I expected
She left San Diego, living in Miami
We took a flight to Puerto Rico, she was sweet as candy
She just didn’t know she had my heart ’til the plane landed
And the moment I got home (home), I just wanted to be alone
I met Brianna through Shearra they were best friends
She turned her head, and we rode like Jeffersons (Yeah)

[Chorus: Rod Wave]
I need you everyday, if I can’t then I’ll fade away
And I don’t wanna rush, but I fall in love easily
Uh, in my head, I know it’s not right
But I believe at first sight, yeah
We can fall in love here tonight
Run away and be together for life
No more cold Decembers, cold and lonely Decembers
No December, lonely and cold December (Yeah)
No more December, lonely and cold December
Cold Decembers (Yeah), cold lonely Decembers, yeah

[Outro: Rod Wave & Hank Williams Jr.]
Mmm (Grrah), yeah
Uh, uh-uh, yeah
Uh, uh, uh-uh, yeah
But I overdosed in Denver and I can’t remember her name
I guess you could say my love life wouldn’t measure up
Too many lonely nights left permanent scars

She told me she would love me and I told her I would too
Then I overdosed in Denver and I can’t remember her name
Then I overdosed in Denver and I can’t remember her name
I brought it myself and I guess I shouldn’t complain
Doc said, “Son, you can’t do that cocaine no more”

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