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Words by Churchill Downs

[Intro: Jack Harlow]
Sometimes when I sit down and really let it register
I did everything I said I would do, and I said it first
I mean the world is in denial, but they all know where I’m headed

[Verse 1: Jack Harlow]
We’re about to feed these youngsters in the metaverse
Meanwhile I’m here just tryna write a verse
‘Cause I’m done with extroverts
The label wondered how I’m supposed to stand next to Vert
Prolly never thought I’d work those legs

I work hard, but hard shit don’t need extra work
That’s why I show up in a sweatshirt and let it burn
The world is mine, I just say “Fuck, let it go”
The girl is mine, I just say, “Fuck it, have a turn”
The GOATs next call me like, “Can we have a word?”
I could have coped but I did that shit like I liked (I liked)
Mmm, I know I should be humble, but that’s something I just haven’t learned
Soon enough I gotta burn these bad habits
Soon we gon’ come get the shit we earn
You ain’t a fan now, but I remember when you were a fan
I guess when the whole world loves you people only have one way to stand out
All that time in the kitchen finally fell apart
I put some flavor in a jar and pulled out the bland

I know my grandfather would have a heart attack if I withdrew a hundred grand
So I won’t pull out a hundred bucks

I’m hip-hop, you understand?
Fully automatic with the jams and they don’t jam
At the shows, I’m about to start handing out programs
Because you all have to follow the program
I’m a grown man, call me pops
Fuck and take your phone ass man
Everybody know Jack, but they don’t know Jack, man
They just know I got the flows and the hoes and the shows packed
There aren’t too many downsides when you play with the pros
Except for the way your life is exposed, but I’m making this sacrifice for the life I choose
I know in Toronto they got soft on the rose, but school’s closed in Kentucky, so I like when it snows
Children carry chopsticks not for the rice in the bowl
School counselors all know how they live at home
Cold like the Minnesota Vikings at home
Before I met Drizzy, I knew he and I would get along
But it’s really hard to make jokes when you really want advice
I mean how does it feel to touch gold every time you touch a mic, touch heights, nobody touches life
Damn, young bachelor, what is a woman?
Once in a lifetime, until I say I want it twice
One of a kind, know it’s all one of mine
Wanted poster with my face, they know who I’m wanted by

[Interlude: Drake]

[Verse 2: Drake]
Cold hearts and heated floors, no parental supervision, I just see the divorce
Therapy sessions, I’m in the waiting room, I’m reading Forbes
Abandonment issues I am being treated for
How much water can I put under the deck before it overflows?
My son must learn that forgiveness is a lonely road
Cradles on her wheel like campers
Niggas love trying to test us like they know what we doin’
Chubb has the magazine cover like rolling stone
‘Cause we already know how they move, they throw rocks
Every time you get fat, there’s growing pains
I got enough energy for the city to start throwing games
I’m here mocking
Got my realtor here playing Monopoly
How can I contact you when you don’t own a property?
They only spoil you when you don’t move right
Destined for victory, but you get no prizes from me
I’m destined for the top, but you can’t lift me
Seven-fifty for the round, the canaries, and they shine
Man, you niggas drop trash, you throw trash
I’m exaggerating to the point, it’s demeaning
I mean PTSD kicks in, profit is sickening
The stones sparkle, came from the north
But I got hot as shit, so I ain’t shaking, yeah
I’m lucky people don’t fuck with me
Bond with people who don’t fuck with me to fuck with me
This shit is getting ugly
And every situation is transactional
And everything they say is irrational
And every way they move is promotional
Everybody’s irreplaceable, it’s like they ain’t disposable
My urges for revenge are out of control
I know we’re getting old though, yeah
But I gotta get a dude for it
It’s non-negotiable, it’s not even debatable
I get so rich, my music ain’t even relatable
I explode in front, it’s an inflatable
G-Class baby blue, I feel like a kid again
Praying for my downfall don’t make you religious, man
All I hear is talk about taking from a middleman
All I hear is tall tales from little men
When I say “Bitch”, I very rarely refer to women.
Most bitches I know are niggas, not even women
I know I look funny, I ain’t even kidding
The same ones who say they launch the game when they’re not even there
To be honest, all financial situations are my biggest motivation
And the way you should take that statement is based on what you do
Whips and chains like a dominatrix, wap, pssh
If I see you, I spit in your face, ha-tu
Daytonas with green faces
Kentucky derby races, my on-site presence is so abrasive
Boxed in the Churchill Downs, that’s the motivation, yeah

And shorty like, “You know that boy Jack go places”

[Outro: Drake]
I know

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