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Cardi B is the latest sensation in the category of Hip Hop rappers. After the multi-platinum single “Bodak Yellow”, she is also considered second only to Nicki Minaj among current female rappers in the industry. Is it true? Is “Bodak Yellow” so impressive? Let’s take a look at the song and decide.

“Bodak Yellow” was released on June 16 and it has steadily climbed the top charts and is now No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This was a huge boost considering the song was only on the chart for 7 weeks only. The climb has not slowed down yet. Cardi B was able to refresh some old records held by other female rappers such as the highest solo female rap song since Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” in 2015, broke into the top three with her first single since Iggy Azalea and the first solo women’s top three since Meghan. “No” from the trainer in 2016.

The single “Bodak Yellow” does not appear in any Cardi B albums. It is supposed to appear in “Bloody Mary EP”.

What does “Bodak Yellow” mean?

Cardi B herself weighed in with an explanation for the song’s title. Watch it below.

To sum up, “Bodak Yellow” makes no sense and she chose the title to go along the lines of Kodak Black. “Bodak” in sync with “Kodak” and “Yellow” in sync with his skin color. The idea behind the song is “money moves” and it captures that perfectly in the music video.

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As explained by Cardi B above, “Bodak Yellow” is about her star power and what it means to move the money.

Review of the lyrics and meaning of the song “Bodak Yellow”


It’s Cardi, yeah
I said, “I’m the shit, they can’t fuck with me if they wanted to”

KSR Group is Cardi B’s recording label.


I said, “Lil b*tch, you can’t fuck with me if you wanted to”
These dears, they’re red stockings, they’re bloody shoes
Hit the store, I can have ’em both, I don’t wanna choose
And I’m fast, cut a *gga, so don’t get comfortable, look

Cardi B says no one can compete with her even if they wanted to or even put her down. The “Red Bottom” shoes are a signature shoe line from Christian Louboutin and they are exotic and expensive shoes. “Bloody shoes” might refer to the same shoes because of the color of red, but more people are predicting that it’s a thinly veiled teenager in a gang she’s affiliated with.

I don’t dance now, I make money moves
Say I don’t have to dance, I move the money
If I see you and I don’t talk, that means I don’t fuck with you
I’m a boss, you’re a worker, bitch, I make bloody moves

Cardi B used to be a stripper to make money, before becoming a social media icon on Instagram. Since her TV and music career took off, she says she no longer needs to strip and has plenty of money now. What she says about being “humble” really falls apart when you look at the last two lines of the chorus. But it’s just a song.

Cardi B in

Cardi B in ‘Bodak Yellow’ music video shot in Dubai

Verse 1

Now she says she will do what to whom? Let’s find out and see
Cardi B, you know where I am, you know where I am
You in the club just to party, I’m in it, I’m paid
I’m so in and out of these banks, I know they’ve had enough of me

Cardi B challenges anyone who wants to ride with her – she says she’ll be where she is without running away. When others were partying at the club, she was there stripping naked for a living. Cardi B isn’t exactly ashamed to relay her life. She says she earned a lot in the clubs and was coming and going so many times a day that the people at the bank must be fed up with her.

Honestly don’t give a fuck who don’t like me
Dropped two mixtapes in six months, what bitch work as hard as me?
I don’t bother with these hoes, don’t let these hoes bother me
They see pictures, they say “Goals”, bitch, I’m what they tryna be

Cardi B doesn’t have time to worry about her haters. She is working hard on her music career that she has released two mixtapes ‘Gangsta B*tch Music, Vol. 1’ and ‘Gangsta B*tch Music, Vol. 2’ in March 2016 and January 2017 respectively. She thinks most of her haters look at her photos on Instagram and say “goals” behind her back. Especially posts like the one below.

Look, I might just chill in a BAPE, I might just chill with your boo
I might just smell on your honey, my pussy feel like a lake
He wants to swim with his face, I say to myself “Okay”
I let him do what he wants, he buys me Yves Saint Laurent

BAPE or short for Bathing Ape is a Japanese clothing company specializing in street-wear. Cardi B uses “lake” and “swim” metaphorically to refer to a sexual act, which she connects in the next line by saying “a client once wanted to swim with his face.” Since doing such work with the client, she receives a gift from Yves Saint Laurent, a luxury clothing company.

And the new whip, when I go fast like a horse, I got the trunk in the front
I’m the hottest on the street, I know you probably heard of me
Got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you know it ain’t cheap
And I pay my mother’s bills, I don’t have time to relax
I think these hoes mad at me, their little daddy run a bill

“New whip” is a reference to Ferrari cars whose logo is a horse. These cars have engines in the back leaving trunk space in the front of the car.

Cardi Be had crooked teeth and she fixed them and she says surgery isn’t cheap. She really does not hold back from accounting for all her expenses. And she says she is taking her mother and she has no time to take care of them.

Cardi B on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop Show

Cardi B on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Show

Verse 2

If you aps, you popped, you a groupie, you an opp
Don’t come my way, you can’t hang around my neighborhood
And I just checked my accounts, turns out I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich
I put my hand above my hip, I bet you dive, he dive, she dive

Cardi B returns to her lifestyle. If you were weak, you would end up getting shot in his neighborhood. If you were in a group (or a gang), you would survive. Cardi B is from the Bronx and she is affiliated in Blood gang since she was 16.

Putting her hand above her hip is a reference to reach for the gun and everyone dives when she does.

I say I get the money and I go, that shit hot like a stove
My pussy shine like gold, tell that lil’ bitch play her part
I just rode in a Rolls, I just rode in a Wraith
I need to fill the tank, no, I need to fill the trunk

She talks about the luxury to which the music industry has opened the door. Rolls Royces and Phantom Wraiths and filling your safe with cash are a few.

Cardi B performing live at KOKO, London

Cardi B performing live at KOKO, London

Gotta let all these hoes know none of them niggas safe
I’m going to dinner and steak, only the real can understand
I used to live in the P’s, now it’s a crib with a door
Rollie got charms, looks like Frosted Flakes
Had to let these bitches know, just in case these hoes forgot
I just ran and checked the mail, another check from Mona Scott

Cardi B says she lived in the P’s, which could mean sidewalks? We’re not so sure. But now she lives in a big crib with proper fencing around the house. Her Rolex has the charms and the diamonds on it look like ice cream. Mona Scott Young is the producer of the Love & Hip-Hop TV show that Cardi B was a part of.

And that wraps up the long breakdown of Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” lyrics. It’s one of those songs where you either love it or hate it. There is no intermediate solution. For us, we love how Cardi B poured her life story into song and it made her a millionaire in return.

What do you think of Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”? Let us know in the comments below and share this article with your friends.

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