CaptainSparklez – Revenge (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

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The internet can act in the weirdest ways sometimes, and YouTube personality CaptainSparklez agrees. A music video parody directed by Jordan Maron AKA CaptainSparklez is proving to be the new viral sensation in Minecraft games.

The parody called “Revenge” is based on “DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love Again” by hit R&B singer Usher. The parody was originally released in 2011 and garnered attention. This is the second CaptainSparklez parody with a Minecraft music video, the first being “TNT”.

From 2011 through July 2019, the parody video may have racked up just over a million views. However, with some level of resurgence of Minecraft gameplay on YouTube, this “Revenge” parody caught the wind. Over the past week, the music video has gained over 100 million views on YouTube and has become an internet meme.

The song, performed by fellow YouTube personality TryHardNinja, kicks off with “Creeper, aw man” which went viral as a catchphrase and became a big-selling merchandise brand. CaptainSparklez performs a rap verse on this track

CaptainSparklez himself has revealed he never saw this viral sensation coming, especially for a video that has been aging on his gaming channel for over 8 years. He also revealed that “Creeper, aw man” merchandise has outsold any of his previous brands before. You can check out this product on Represent.

Watch the viral hit below.

Here’s CaptainSparklez explaining the inspiration and meaning behind his massive success. The way the song is based on her personal life experience is just baffling.

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