Boyce Avenue Covers The Beatles’ “Blackbird”


Boyce avenue has made some pretty amazing covers over the years. The Boyce Avenue lead singer has one of the best male voices we’ve ever heard. As a result, their coverage of “Mirrors” was ranked first on our list. However, they released another stunning cover of one of the best pieces of music in history. This time Boyce Avenue covers The Beatles‘”Blackbird»In a beautiful acoustic harmonization.

The original song “Blackbird” is performed by the legendary music group “The Beatles”. The song dates back to 1968, when it was released on November 22 of the same year. “Blackbird” was written by duo John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and the song is about the racial conflicts between blacks and whites that erupted in 1968. Wikipedia also listed “Blackbird” as one of the most-covered songs from the history of music. the latest addition being the cover of Boyce Avenue.

Boyce Avenue takes over The Beatles’ “Blackbird”

Acoustic blankets always inspire me. They bring out the best or the worst of an artist, in this case the best of Alejandro Manzano.

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Is this acoustic interpretation amazing or what? Such a powerful song performed by such a powerful voice. I think Boyce Avenue did the original track justice with this cover. But tell us what you think of this blanket?

Are Boyce Avenue covers the best on the internet?

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