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[Verse: Chief Keef]
I came out of Chi ‘, if I didn’t I wouldn’t see today
It’s a setback, every time I see the cage
You got war, if you do then we can play
It’s really dark, I’m like “Bro, I see the way”
It could be Nacho Cheese, my little Frito-Lay shorty
I look both ways in the streets and this shit still wasn’t sure
I ain’t going to church, man, fuck I need to pray
SOSA, BABY, gang
Eff, eff, eff, how does this book smell?
We don’t know you boy, take your ass over here
For the round table, I went to buy round chairs
Fendy, Louwop and Guwop, my lounge equipment
Within gun range, sound control, sound clear
She wants the guwop, the louwop, I don’t wear
Tell your man (Bop bop bop), don’t go
I’m in the church, and I’m trying to clear my soul
I wrote my name on the wall, hope it doesn’t mess
I said I love you forty times, I was sincere
He comes out with the same clothes my female dog wears
Dirty hoe said I was broke, and I said “bitch where?”
All my exes missing, they gotta come here
All these bitches in my hair like L’Oreal
My brother was booked in 2011, it’s been forty years
That chicago, nigga!
[Outro: Margaret Carter]
Hi, lil ‘Keef, Granny is so proud of you
Go on with your life, come down to my house and carry on
Granny love it, keep it up, baby, keep it up
Granny love the way you move and look good, and look good
Thank God

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