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“Getting Older” is the opening track from Billie Eilish’s 2021 album “Happier Than Ever.” In the track, Billie Eilish talks about growing into a superstar at a young age in the music industry and the dark side she exposed Billie to.

‘Happier Than Ever’ is Billie Eilish’s second studio album following her massive debut ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’ released in 2019. The new album ushers in a new era for Billie Eilish as she opens up about her personal life and experiences throughout the tracklist.

Speaking about the meaning of “Getting Older” with Spotify, Billie Eilish revealed that the song is a “Very revealing song about things that I only at the time felt I was realizing about myself and that I didn’t feel safe and wanted to talk about. I don’t know, I think it happens a lot and that’s something to be happy about is realizing stuff years later sometimes you don’t realize what’s going on around you until a very long time later or don’t realize what you feel only years later.

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Meaning of the lyrics of “Getting Older” and review of the song

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Billie Eilish talks about getting old. She thinks she’s aging well and managing her life much better than she did four years ago when she burst onto the music scene. In this sense, she is happier than ever. But she had to crawl through the lower depths of the music industry to get there.

Billie talks about how she received all kinds of love and hate in this music industry. Love is scarier when it comes from a complete stranger camping outside your house. She spoke about this real-life experience in her other track “NDA” on the album.

Verse 2

In the second verse, Billie talks about her relationships and her role in ruining them. She confesses that she craves attention and enjoys soaking herself in pity. However, that doesn’t paint Billy in a good light for singing. “When I tell a story, I make everything worse.” This makes us wonder to what extent what she confesses is objectively not exaggerated.


In the song’s hook, Billie Eilish sings about how the things she loved before keep her employed now. The word “employee” is a double-edged sword. Although, that could mean Billie Eilish is making a living doing what she loves. But it can also mean that she finds her passions turned into “chores.” Suddenly it becomes a not so pleasant experience.

Verse 3

In the song’s third and final week, Billie Eilish talks about abuse in the industry. She points out that anything done to her without her consent is “abuse”. This applies to all forms of abuse inside and outside the industry. Billie Eilish has also seen her share of internet abuse.

However, she also has a positive view of her future. She thinks the worst is behind her. Billie knows that as she gets older, there are more responsibilities on her shoulder. She is not afraid to take them on. His goal is happiness. So she would go out of her way to prioritize her health and happiness over everything else.

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