Big Sean’s “Research” Featuring Ariana Grande Talks About His Ex?


big-sean‘the last studio album’dark sky paradise‘ did pretty well. Tracks such as “Blessings”, “Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)”, “Paradise”, “One Man Can Change The World” and “I Know” were quite sensational, which also contains good meaning behind them. We were excited to listen”To researchon the album, simply because it featured Big Sean’s girlfriend, Ariana Grande. To be honest, we were expecting something romantic and were blown away by a completely different theme.

What is “research” about?

Big Sean talks subtly about his ex-girlfriend on “Research.” Big Sean’s most famous and recent ex-girlfriend is Naya Rivera, but it’s unclear if that’s really her. Anyway, Big Sean goes on to say how his ex snuck into his phone and snooped through all his emails, voicemails and text messages. She boasted that she had the key to her heart, and at the first opportunity she had, she used the key on another person.

Next, Ariana Grande joins “Research” with the chorus, which goes something along the lines of interrogating her boyfriend – like a series of constant nagging and annoying questions.

Big Sean’s lyrics “Research” by MetroLyrics

But Big Sean’s intro section to the song is the most hilarious part:

Watch how these hoes research
I swear she like, that piece of hair in the sink didn’t come from me first, no, no
You drag too long, it’s like you need work
Man, these hoes doing research
Do research

He talks about how he was constantly bombarded with suspenseful eyes in his ex-relationship. He says his ex had no job to do but to watch him, follow him and research him and his friends – typical crazy girlfriend behavior.

We’re glad Big Sean and Ariana Grande have found happiness they can rely on. We expected a song that was about their happy relationship together. But instead, we got a lead on his crazy ex-girlfriend and, surprisingly, Ariana Grande is supporting him in getting over her. Good for these two lovebirds.

“Research” is one of the few tracks on the “Dark Sky Paradise” album that doesn’t really try to convince Big Sean’s deeper idea. It’s just a ‘fun’ song, and in our opinion, it does its job perfectly.

What do you think of Big Sean’s “Research” with Ariana Grande? Was this what you expected from this collaboration? Let us know.

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