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Big Sean’s fourth studio album was released in early February 2017 and was a widely acclaimed hit around the world. The ‘I Decided’ album is nothing less than the lyrical wisdom we might expect from Big Sean. The album also included epic collaborations like “No Favors” with Eminem. Then comes the second single from the album “Moves” which can give a whole different atmosphere compared to what it really represents. So we thought it was worth digging into.

The official music video for “Moves” was also released with the single and echoes Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, but with a slightly more lyrical sound.

album cover

Cover of the album “I decided”.

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“Moves” is an energetic and upbeat song that describes Big Sean himself, his success story. That’s enough explicit so proceed with your caution.

Review of the lyrics and meaning of the song “Moves”


The sex game made her ass explode (brrr)
The sex game had her ass texting me

Don’t let that explicit start fool you. Good things are yet to come. Big Sean just warmed up.

To hang up

I have the moves
I have the moves
I make movements
You gotta move (you gotta move)
She make that back move (damn)
She made her boobs move (damn)
I rock the city (like whoa)
I move the city

Big Sean is quite confident in what he does. He’s had a lot of success so far and he’s a groundbreaking Detroit artist. He believes he has the “moves” or what it takes to be in this game and he tells us that if we ever want to be like him, we should be willing to put in the effort.

Big Sean is currently dating Jhené Aiko, another talented and gorgeous artist. I think he says she rewards him with good sex (arched back and all) to enjoy his success.

Big Sean has definitely made his town proud and the country proud. He came from nothing to become what he is today and that makes him special. He’s one of the best artists in Detroit, a city dedicated to gang violence and all kinds of shady business.

A similar recurrence of the above hook then follows and there isn’t much to explain about it.


Surprisingly, “Moves” only has one verse, which is pretty unlikely for Big Sean. But it’s obvious that he didn’t want to make “Moves” a heartbreaking masterpiece.

Look, give me the ball and I won’t have to pass it
I won’t pass out until I’m asthmatic
I take a plan and then I back it up
Shot after shot, check the batting average
I take the work, return it, acrobatic

Big Sean talks about taking responsibility as he has often talked about. He also talks about it in “Blessings”. How committed is he? He won’t give up until he passes out from an asthma attack. He has a plan and it seems to be working pretty well for him so far. So he back to back plan. It could also be a reference to Drake’s “Back To Back” diss track.

Hit after hit, Sean talks about his musical success. Almost all of the songs he released have been widely recognized for their lyrical skills and it’s also a pun on “hitting” baseball. Big Sean loves his job – he burns the midnight oil to his music and it really pays off. This is what he means by “returning” as in returning money meaning to multiply money.

I have a little time and a lot of talent
Talk a little and do a lot
Given the competition, hm, not a challenge

“Moves” is also about Big Sean’s competition. He feels gifted enough to face the competition. But it involves little discussion and a lot of work.

I bend over, I move, I walk around in this female dog
Packed, but I can rely on my hands who I’m gonna talk to in this female dog
Law school girls in this female dog
Yeah, they paralegals
Barely 21, it’s very legal
But they do some shit that’s probably barely legal, aw, man

Big Sean enters the club and engages with the paralegals. Paralegals are law students who are not yet fully qualified as lawyers. They tend to be young and quite wealthy. Barely 21, but well past the legal age of 18. Big Sean drops some explicit themes in “Moves” with these lines. In the clubs, all kinds of illegal things happen and these women are there for the ride.

It’s that nigga you probably least expected
I just got a few dots that need to be connected
Now your first five are redirected
From now on it will be consecutive

Drunk Big Sean talks about his life again. “I had a couple” could refer to him drinking or even having a few hit songs under his belt. As if he had no idea how it happened and in “No Favors” he says his words come straight from heaven itself.

The “Top 5” is a kind of priority list and it could be about paralegals who were drinking and losing their inhibitions before. Or even Big Sean realizing there are better things to do with life and money than spending it on booze and losing women.

We make moves like Tarantino, like JJ Abrams
Move like Channing Tatum
Move like Jason Statham
Motherfuck the whole industry
Half these niggas my mini me

“Moves” has Big Sean comparing himself to some of the big names in other areas of entertainment. His music is making waves like directors Quentin Tarantino and JJ Abrams. If you don’t know their movies, you should seriously Google right now. And he continues to compare himself to Channing Tatum, a stripper-turned-actor, and Jason Statham, one of Hollywood’s most iconic badass. All of these people have been game changers in their respective fields and that is how Sean sees himself.

And he thinks all these other rappers in the industry aren’t even as good as him.

I got that female dog out more than breaking and entering
You’re hot for a minute, me
I do shit that lasts forever
Hop in the cabin, man, that shit like a gym to me, don’t test agility

Big Sean thinks his music will last a lifetime and we kinda agree too. He’s so versatile with his verses that his bandstand looks like his gym and he’s the gymnast.

Stupid, stupid, thinking the negativity you talk about could ever fuck up the peace
Alright, alright, alright, I’m on Rodeo for the day
If you owe me then you better call your layaway, away
Stay away, or your ass might be knocked out, kay today
Man, that “bench!” Bench!” kick your ass way, oh, ways, away

Big Sean hasn’t been swayed by the competition and he feels he’s at peace with the music war that surrounds him. He maintains his tranquility and no external negativity can disturb his inner peace.

Rodeo Drive is a very expensive stretch of road reserved for lavish shopping sprees and Sean spends days there.

Big Sean approaches his competition in “Moves” in the most zen-like way possible. He will knock out (KO) anyone who crosses his path. The shots he fires at his competitors hit them from far away and they don’t even notice them coming. It’s his lyrical genius at work.


See I’m a Don, I’m a Don, I’m a Don (Don)
I gave jobs to all my family and I take care of my mom
Me and my daughter been through so much, she’s my partner in crime
Touch any of the items above, now you are harder to find
Faded away

A “Don” is a gang leader where the term was coined with the Italian mafia. Big Sean thinks he’s the Don of the rap game. The Dons of the mafia took care of theirs at all costs. Likewise, Sean also took care of his friends and family and he specially mentions his mother here.

He also talks about his girlfriend, although I doubt that applies to any of his past or present girlfriends. It could be his mother and whoever it is, they’ve been through thick and thin and so they’re basically bonded for life.

“Moves” ends with a subtle threat. Big Sean says if you touch anything he mentioned in the Outro – his family, friends, mother and daughter, they would be sorry and they would be “harder to find”.

This sums up our annotation of Big Sean’s “Moves” lyrics from the album “I Decided” and we honestly think it has a lot more to offer than it tends to show.

This was our opinion on the song and we would also like to know your opinion. Leave a comment about the song or any of the lyrics or what those lyrics mean to you and we’ll make it a discussion.

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