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Big Red Machine is a collaboration between Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon and The National keyboardist Aaron Dessner formed in June 2018. The band gets new addition Taylor Swift for their brand new release “Renegade”.

Big Red Machine is gearing up to release their second studio album “How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?” in August 2021. Ahead of the album, the band released “Latter Days” featuring Anaïs Mitchell as the album’s lead single. “The Ghost of Cincinnati” became the second single, and what followed was “Renegade” featuring Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is no stranger to working with Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner. She worked closely with the two on her 2020 albums “folklore” and “evermore.”

“Renegade” is one of two (another track called “Birch”) that Taylor Swift features on the album, and Taylor wrote a heartfelt message about her collaborators on the track on Twitter;

When @Aaron_Dessner came into my life I was introduced to his world of fluid creativity where you don’t think too much, you just make music. A song we wrote for his @BRMadjv project (which also features Justin Vernon) is out! His name is Renegade.

Listen to “Renegade” by Big Red Machine & Taylor Swift

Meaning of “Renegade” lyrics and song review

The theme of the song revolves around a couple struggling in their relationship due to mental health issues.

I knocked on your window in your darkest night
The shape of you was jagged and weak

Taylor Swift immediately clarifies that she is dealing with her partner who is going through problems. A person is fit when they are mentally and physically healthy. By contrast, Taylor’s partner here is both shredded and exhausted from constant battles.

Dealing with a mentally ill person can be difficult for those around them. Taylor Swift knew this person already had her plate full of her own personal struggles. Welcoming others into their lives, especially a love affair, can be very tricky for either party. But Taylor Swift stayed.

‘Renegade’ is a person who betrays his own core values. In this case, the renegade is the person who is about to give in to his inner demons.

You wouldn’t be the first renegade to need someone

Taylor Swift was and is ready to support them to get them back on their way. However, she can only help them if they are willing to receive help. Taylor Swift says sometimes their issues weigh heavily on her too. Sometimes that frustrates her.

Is it insensitive for me to say “Gather you together so I can love you?”

Sometimes their behavior makes Taylor wonder if they don’t want to be saved. Does this person blame everything on their problems? Taylor wonders if it’s really their problem or if they just don’t want to give their all to the relationship.

For anyone struggling with a problem, don’t give up. You are not alone and let the people around you help you.

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