Beyonce’s “Jealous” Track Gets a Chris Brown Remix


Remember that smooth”Jealous” Queen Bey track from her 2013 album ‘Beyonce’? Well, there’s a new remix of it. I don’t think it’s officially released, but it’s so good. The “Jealous” remix features new verses by Chris Brown, added to the original album version of the song.

Listen to Beyonce’s “Jealous” Remix Featuring Chris Brown

The deeply moving track is about the singer’s jealousy, only because she cares so much.

“If you keep your promise, I keep mine
Oh I’m jealous
If you keep your promise, I keep mine
Oh I’m Jealous” – Lyrics to Beyonce’s “Jealous”

Beyonce says she’s only jealous because she’s human and no one can be judged for it.

The original album version of “Jealous” can be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon.

Although the brevity is the song’s only flaw, we fell in love and are falling in love with this track. Chris Brown does an amazing job on the remix. Enjoy the soothing melody.

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