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Because “it looks like you can’t wait any longer for this…” Bebe Rexha said as she released her brand new single “Sabotage” from her upcoming 2021 album. The song is about her own self-destructive behavior which she doesn’t seem to understand. The song was released with a music video.

“Sabotage” is the latest release from Bebe Rexha’s second studio album “Better Mistakes”. In an interview, Bebe Rexha explained that her new album “is based on honesty, vulnerability and insecurities and speaks about those insecurities.” Previous releases of the album so far include “Sacrifice” and “Baby, I’m Jealous” featuring Doja Cat.

About the song, Bebe Rexha noted “This song means the absolute world to me.” And the song seemed to have hit a lot of fans right in the heart and melted them into an emotional pool of tears.

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Throughout the song, Bebe Rexha has a question for herself; “Why am I sabotaging everything I love? » It’s not a very unique experience. Most of us, especially in these times, feel like we are unworthy of the good things that come our way and actively try to deny them. This feeling comes with the experiences we have had in our lives, usually deprived of any good thing that has ever happened in our lives. And when something good happens to us, it seems too good to be true and we also protect ourselves from the good.

In the first verse, Bebe Rexha touches on the subject of relationships. You open up to so many people over the years only to be heartbroken every time. It conditions your mind to perceive all future relationships as potential mistakes as well. So when a really good partner shows up, your level of panic skyrockets thinking that they just can’t be real! And then you try so hard to keep them at bay and you end up kicking them out of your life. And somehow you believe it had to happen. But it was only you who sabotaged your own happiness.

The walls are closing in because I built them

Building walls around yourself is a metaphor for closing yourself off from the outside world to protect yourself. However, the problem is that the walls also prevent the “good” from entering as much as the “bad”. Humans are a species that need the company of other humans. Unless you remove this gene from your system, you will need people to rely on. Shutting off to the outside world is not the way to live your life.

However, after years of being treated like you don’t deserve any good, it will be very difficult for you to accept the good that comes your way! Have hope, I guess!

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