Aura Glow

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Lil Bruh Gwop:
Kiss me by the bugs under the porch light
She’s not responding, just hold me tight
& Under the moonlight is when you shine, yeah
Make another wish, call it goodnight
This is what you would like
Moonlight diamonds
Heartbeat froze, watch me sit on the sidewalk
イ チ バ ン ハ テ ン シ, how do you act
When I die, wrap me up and send me where the stars shine

I saw your Aura Glow, you feel like a ghost
Yes I know, ghosts in the walls but I’m not at all afraid
Watch me float like you hear the sound
My baby stay ten toes off the ground
We can hit the town, watch the stars fall
My heart slowed down, I don’t even need this town
Talk too much, you speed up like, whoa
My hearts have slowed down, I don’t need anyone else!

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