Ariana Grande – needy (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

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Ariana Grande released her fifth studio album “thank u, next” shortly after releasing her fourth studio album “Sweetener” in 2018. The reduction in the time gap was caused by a roller coaster of emotions elicited. by the personal turmoil of his love life throughout 2018. The second track from the new album titled “Needy” is dedicated to the feeling of being necessary in a relationship, something very frowned upon in post-modern society.

The new album ‘thank u, next’ was released after two huge singles and music videos. The first single “thank u, next” was the 2018 breakup hymn, inspired by the two relationships – Mac Miller and Pete Davidson – who went downhill last year for Ariana. The music video for this track was one of the fastest to reach 100 million views on YouTube. The next single was called “7 Rings” and took a whole different turn from the first song. It was based on friendship and the display of Ariana’s massive wealth. A third single “Break up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” was released with a music video on the same day the album was released, February 8, 2019.

The song “needy” was first teased in a 45-second clip posted to Instagram by Ariana Grande. Later, in the music video for “thank u, next” Ariana was seen wearing a t-shirt with the song titled “needy” on it.

Ariana Grande’s “Needy” Stream

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In “Needy,” we hear Ariana Grande sing the roller coaster of a life she recently had. Speaking of the album, Ari said she wrote this album in what she would call the “worst 3 weeks of her life”. So we can imagine him talking about the emotional impact of breaking up with the love of his life – Mac Miller and getting engaged to Pete Davidson and then canceling it and also having to endure the Mac Miller overdose afterward. their breakup. One can only imagine the thoughts bubbling up inside her that then turned into words.

“Needy” gives a twist to the post-modern social idea that one should be free and independent in a relationship. Being “needy” is now frowned upon. But Ariana sings that it’s okay to feel needed, and it’s okay to want attention and care.

In the song’s pre-chorus, Ariana says it’s okay to be vulnerable and it’s okay to show emotions with each other. One of the biggest mistakes in relationships is pretending you don’t need each other. Everyone likes to be needed. Let your partner feel this every now and then.

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Ariana Grande’s “Needy” Full Lyrics

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