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Brazilian singer Anitta has already had major successes in her career, but “Girl From Rio” might just be our favorite. In the song, she not only pays homage to her hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but also sends a strong message about body positivity.

Anitta burst onto the music scene after her single “Show das Poderosas” in 2013. Its music video has over 160 million views on YouTube alone. However, his most watched YouTube video is “Downtown” with over 560 million views and features J Balvin.

“Girl From Rio” was released in April 2021, as the single from her upcoming yet to be titled fifth studio album. The album had another release before, titled “Me Gusta” and featured Cardi B and Myke Towers. This track was remixed with 24kGoldn and “Girl From Rio” was remixed with DaBaby.

In an Instagram post, Anitta explained the meaning of the song; “GIRL FROM RIO” is about Rio de Janeiro from my point of view, the Rio that I have seen and lived in. It’s a very personal song. I talk a bit about everything, my family, where I’m from, where I grew up, the people I’ve seen and see every day, this is my point of view on women in general and the beauty I see in them. To be able to translate all this history and meaning into music, I relied on a few friends, who are also internationally renowned songwriters and producers.

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Meaning of the lyrics of “Girl From Rio” and review of the song


When most other girls in the music industry sing about how hot and sexy they are, Anitta sings “Hot girls, where I’m from, we don’t look like models.” This line may seem contrasting since it calls girls “hot” but does not look like models at the same time. However, the idea is that “warmth” or “beauty” is a very subjective matter. And beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and quirks.

Anitta sings about the girls she saw around her in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Girls with tan lines, big curves, all skin tones, and more. More than anything, everyone is full of energy, happy and positive. This is reflected in the beauty of these girls, which in itself is more powerful than any makeup or surgery can accomplish.

You will inevitably fall in love with the girls of Rio!

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Anitta tells us she has a revelation about Rio. The Rio we know is mainly due to the famous “Rio Carnival”, one of the biggest and flashiest carnivals in the world. It is estimated that 2 million people attend the carnival per day, and the festival is decorated with gorgeous women in the sexiest outfits ever.

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Dancers at the Rio Carnival (Image:

This carnival is what the world knows Rio for.

But Anitta sings that there’s a whole other side to Rio that the world doesn’t see. A city full of ordinary people, but just as beautiful and happy. That’s what “Girl From Rio” is about.

In the same verse, Anitta also sings about finding her long-unknown brother. In October 2019, Anitta found out she had a brother named Felipe Tera through a DNA test.

Just forand outside I have another brother (Hey!)
Same dad, but a different mom (Have a brother)

Anitta explained the situation in an interview;

“My father had Felipe before he married my mother, but he didn’t know it. Felipe’s mother saw my father on television with me and recognized that he was her father. I was completely shocked and couldn’t concentrate on the song anymore. That’s when the producers told me that I had to put this story in the song (since the song is also about my life). We did it.”

She always wanted a brother. The magic of Rio has once again worked in his favor!

Watch Anitta’s “Girl From Rio (Remix)” with DaBaby

Verse 2

In the song’s second verse, Anitta sings stories of the streets of Rio she grew up on. She sings about how she grew up on the streets and the “favela,” which translates to “slums.” It was not always pretty to see in these streets.

Anitta sings about how she saw underage girls getting pregnant and having babies due to a lack of proper education in Rio, Brazil (maybe all of Brazil too). According to 2017 statistics, Brazil has the highest teenage pregnancy rate among Latin American countries.

Anitta also sings about her love stories growing up. Although she avoided a teenage pregnancy, she did meet a few boyfriends as none of them could handle her fierce personality. Because she is “Cold as winter, hot as summer.”

Despite everything, Anitta knows that her relationship with Rio is only a ” love story “ she just can’t forget. And through this song, we feel it too.

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