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For people born in the 90s, “Smack That” would be a familiar song they danced to as a teenager. Whether you’re an Akon or an Eminem fan, it’s not easy to overlook the kind of energy this song brought to the dance floor. The song was well received by the masses as a club bang and achieved even greater commercial feats.

“Smack That” was released on September 26, 2006, as the first single from Akon’s second studio album “Konvict”. The song features an Eminem rap verse that helped boost sales by 67,000 units in the first week of release. The song was also a huge hit on the radio, which saw the track climb 88 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 charts within a week, from 95 to 7. At the time, the song received the Guinness World Record for the biggest jump on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song eventually climbed to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for five straight weeks.

The video for “Smack That” is a spin-off from the film “48 Hours” which features a convict released from prison to help solve a crime. Akon leaves prison to find a girl in a club where he meets Eminem.

Watch Akon Ft. Eminem’s “Smack That” Music Video

There is no coating to say that the song has blatant sexual significance behind the catchy lyrics. Akon finds a girl who loves him because of his fame and his luxury car Lamborghini Gallardo. So he’s inclined to take her home and maybe tip her over and “slam that” all over his house.

The second verse of the song is Eminem’s rap verse and he begins by suggesting that this song is a “club banger”. How right he was !!!

Eminem’s verse describes the situation inside the bar. There are drinks all around and everyone is drunk. He sees girls walking up and down poles and he can barely contain himself. Then he approaches a girl and asks her to come home with him. He exaggerates his house to be a “palace” to attract this girl. Finally, he suggests that she bring her friend too because Em has another friend at home for her. And this friend is none other than Akon himself.

Besides the sexually aggravated meaning of this song, it managed to become a habitual bang in clubs in the 2000s.

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