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“To Be Loved” is the eleventh track on Adele’s ’30’ album in 2021. The song delves deeper into the album’s theme, which explores Adele’s traumatic relationship with her ex-husband.

Adele released her fourth studio album “30” on November 19, 2021. The album’s only single, “Easy On Me,” took the world by storm, breaking streaming records. The album follows the series of albums released in correspondence with its age at the time of recording each album.

In “To Be Loved”, Adele sings that she was too young when she entered into this relationship and that she had little or no knowledge or forethought in what she was getting herself into. She justifies entering into this relationship by saying that when you want to be loved, you are willing to sacrifice things that are important to you. But later you realize that some of these sacrifices may not be worth it.

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Adele “To Be Loved” Lyrics Song Meaning And Review

Verse 1

In the song’s opening verse, Adele talks about the house she’s built around her relationship with her ex-husband Simon Konecki. Together, they gave birth to Adele’s only child, Angelo Adkins, when Adele was just 23 years old. It could be considered that this age is too young to take on the responsibilities of parenthood. Adele dove into this relationship without thinking, in the name of love.

Reality check… Adele realizes that she has had tunnel vision the longest time. She has been crying inside for so many years. She bled on others – infecting her tortured feelings on those around her, especially her child.

I’ll never learn if I never jump
I will always regret if I never speak

Nothing in this world is without risk. Entering a new relationship is a risk – a risk of being hurt by heartache. But you’ll never know if this relationship has a happy ending or if it was a mistake if you never take the leap of faith.


In the hook of the song, Adele sings that to love is to sacrifice yourself. You might have to give up some parts of their life in the name of love. Letting go of some things might be a sacrifice worthy of being with your one true love. But you should never give up so much that they will no longer be the same person. His own happiness and peace of mind are more important than anything else in the world.

Let people know, let people know that I tried

If Adele wanted to convey a message in her album, it was because she tried to make things work with her ex-husband. She changed her ways so much to fit her habits that at one point it became outrageous.

Verse 2

In the song’s second verse, Adele tries to find some peace in these burial mound experiences. Maybe she was young and naive to engage in such a relationship at such a young age. Maybe age wouldn’t have mattered at all.

I’ll stand still and let the storm pass
Keep my heart safe until the time is right

History is written in permanent ink. No one can change the past. Everyone must live with the consequences of their past actions. Something they can change is their future. They can either choose to live with regrets or choose to learn from their past mistakes and move on. Adele chooses the latter.


The song bridge gives us a bit more information about Adele’s relationship with her ex-husband. Adele details how she even lied to protect him / their relationship. It might just go beyond the bounds of what is okay to do for someone you love. If you have to lie about your relationship, that is a lie in and of itself.

Love requires sacrifices. But love shouldn’t be all about sacrifice. How much you are willing to give up to earn love is very much up to you. But sacrifices shouldn’t make you someone you’re not.

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